Panorama Jazz Band

It is nearly impossible to categorize the Panorama Jazz Band, a New Orleans collective which presents a unique, natural, eclectic sound that draws from every genre and nation its members can muster.

Though they have traveled the world sharing their sound and integrating every culture and style they’ ve encountered into their own music, the Panorama Jazz Band always returns to their hometown of New Orleans. They credit the Crescent City as their primary influence because of its unique traditions and all-consuming musical culture. The band is insistent on providing a wholly natural sound and refuses to utilize any type of electrical apparatus. They use their hands, feet, and of course their instruments to make as much noise as possible without electronic assistance. In conjunction with taking cues from foreign influences to create their distinct sound, Panorama Jazz Band takes it to another level by using similar persuasions to shape their performances, preferring to have a relationship with their audience as is typical to New Orleans as well as gypsy musical acts.