White Buffalo Day Observance

August 26, 2011


White Buffalo Day Observance
Native American legend has it that when the White Buffalo returns it will bring peace and harmony to all mankind. On Saturday August 27, Rev. Goat Carson will give a presentation at the Backstreet Cultural Museum at 5:30pm. Drumming procession will go to Congo Square in Louis Armstrong Park and then return to the museum. The event is free and open to the public.

Rev. Goat Carson was perhaps one of our most interesting and out of the box Salons in 2011.

Watch him as he plays a stringed-jawbone for the 2011 Fellows—> 2011 Salon // Rev. Goat Carson – Dreams

More on Reverend David Lee "Goat" Carlson

(video) White Buffalo Day – Blessing of the pipe 1

Summer Arts through Culture Program: a cultural fellowship grant
for teen musicians.