• "This experience has been amazing. It has profoundly raised my awareness as well as made me such a better artist and musician as a whole. It has been amazing." Sergio Hurtado, Fellow
  • "My favorite aspects were the Salon Series and performance opportunities given to the Fellows. The most I learned was during the time I was playing with the professionals and challenged to step up my musicianship. I also liked the nurturing environment that was built. During my time here I felt like the main focus of all the counselors was to make sure I felt comfortable and was enjoying myself." Brendan Gill, Fellow
  • "The Positive Vibrations program was an amazing experience. I was able to make many new friends and improve my music as well. Throughout the program, through field trips and the Salon Series, I was immersed in the jazz, culture, and history of New Orleans. I was able to visit everything from Congo Square to the World War II Museum and jam with very skilled musicians. I will never forget Positive Vibrations and its profound effect on my music and life." David Diongue, Fellow
  • "This experience made me grow not just as a person but as a musician." Royce Hodnett, Fellow
  • "I’d just like to say thank you to all the counselors, volunteers, staff and Ben and Wiley. This has been a great and life-changing experience and I only hope this foundation grows and grows. I feel like there should be programs like this for every state because it is such a great way to learn and grow." Brendan Gill, Fellow
  • "I feel better. Just better in general. I’m a better musician, I have more confidence, and I have amazing new friends." Connor Lachenbruch, Fellow
  • "I feel that I am a wiser person as a result of this program. Also, I will always take a little bit of New Orleans culture with me." Wyatt Duino, Fellow
  • "Being with PVF taught me how to enjoy myself with other people in a social setting. I’m also not afraid to play in public." Michael Carter, Fellow
  • "We learned how to talk to more people." Rebecca Hillard, Fellow
  • "PVF has helped me to be a better musician as a whole. By it being in New Orleans it has helped me open up to a different culture that I wouldn’t experience in Baltimore." Nancy Kyei, Fellow
  • "My favorite aspect of the program was the Salon Series. It opened me up to a whole different aspect of New Orleans music." Nancy Kyei, Fellow
  • "I will always remember everyone here. This experience changed my life so much, for the better" Clint Forrette, Fellow
  • "My favorite aspects of the program were the Salon Series and being able to meet so many amazing New Orleans artists. I loved the freedom that we had and how active we were and that we were able to participate with other artists." Sergio Hurtado, Fellow
  • "John Loughton, one of my best piano students, spent a summer at the Positive Vibrations Institute. He returned from his experience with a new vocabulary, having played with musicians in a form that was outside his comfort zone. He became more comfortable in his improv and more confident about his playing in general. Overall it was a positive experience for him and it gave him tools and experience that he uses today as a student of music." Eric Svalgård –Director School of Rock Wilmington
  • "Thanks PVF for exposing me to the real music world!" Michael Carter, Fellow
  • "I have become a better leader and a better person. I feel that my mind is more open to different things. I think that PVF has made me a more cultured person. Now I can talk to others about the culture and art of jazz and New Orleans." Sterlin Brown, Fellow
  • "I loved it!!!!" Michael McKelligott, Fellow
  • "It has made me a better musician and has added to the diversity of culture." Michael McKelligott, Fellow
  • "It has opened a whole new world to me. I have toured places with choirs and seen lots of cities, but never have I had the change to learn and be in a city like this. I feel like I now have a home here in New Orleans and a familiarity that I never had before." Brendan Gill, Fellow
  • "It has affected my life in the best of ways. I will never forget these moments in my life. Coming to NOLA was the best thing in my life." Carlos Silva, Fellow
  • "I hope I can come back next year and be a part of this. Also, keep up the good work, this is a great experience for teens all over the world." Nancy Kyei, Fellow
  • "PVF has really changed my life. It has changed my music life and I have learned about New Orleans." Maame Agyekum, Fellow
  • "My favorite aspects of the program were the Salon Series and my studies with Clarence Johnson. The Salon Series gave a very informative lecture paired with fun, creative workshops. Also, Mr. Johnson has greatly improved my work along with the work of other Fellows" David Diongue, Fellow

Summer Arts through Culture Program: a cultural fellowship grant
for teen musicians.